Blue Ridge Reservoir

Arizona, commonly perceived to be a state full of cacti, is commonly overlooked for having diverse landscapes. From sand dunes, the Grand Canyon, lush forrest lakes, the petrified forrest, and much more, it seems like its hard to run out of landmarks to explore.

I was born and raised in this great state and find myself needing to see every square mile Arizona has to offer. I will keep the writing short and let the images tell the story. This is a summary of a weekend camping with loved one and friends at Blue Ridge Reservoir.

Camping as a kid meant no chores on the weekends, being dirty and eating smores until I was sick. I had little understanding of the connection we should have with nature. I just knew making campfires, fishing, and hiking was fun because it was different from my normal weekend routine.
As a kid it’s hard to perceive what will create important family memories. Family just always seems to be around, and it’s hard to really appreciate that. As I grew older I lost my connection with camping, family, and a connection to what’s important in my life. It wasn’t until I got my dog Winston that made desire what I have been missing. I wanted a relationship tethered to nature, I wanted to be around friends and family, and I wanted to be free from our societal construction that seems to always want to keep us preoccupied with arbitrary matters.

As an adult now I immerse myself in the present. I try to make each decision a calculated and important one. I want to better my bonds with friends, family, and nature. I finally get why my dad, and uncle would takes us camping constantly. It wasn’t about roasting mallows over the fire( which I still do to the point i’m sick) It was to bring us closer to each other and closer to meaning in life. Thank you dad, thank you uncle Jim.