Dust Trail

A summary of 10 guys camping out in the middle of nowhere, ripping the desert floor of speeds over 100mph, and the dust that follows.

From a very early age I had a motor between my legs. Call it selfish but the adrenaline rush and freedom that comes with high speeds and ripping through the desert is unparalleled and worth the measurable risk. Tip toeing on the boundary between recklessness and your limitations is a place where I find freedom. Too safe is boredom and I don' have to mention what comes with being too reckless. I have pushed these boundaries my whole life, with a lot of crashes, burns, chucks of flesh being ripped away, and a broken back. And while I don't advocate being reckless for enjoyments sake, I implore those to step outside their comfort zone occasionally, find new freedoms, and enjoy the communities that come with these explorations. 

From Friday to Sunday we spent the weekend at Soggy Dry Lake, Ca. I was excited to bring my 78 Honda Goldwing onto the desert floor, since all its ever seen is asphalt (as most motorcycle do). After arriving Friday afternoon and setting up camp, being too anxious to ride, and not wanting to wait till morning light, we hopped on the bikes and went for a night cruise on the dry lake bed. A 600 lbs cafe setup Goldwing has no place on the dirt, so picture me doing 5mph over rocks and bumps to make it to the lake bed  with shit for visibility because it's night. But once I made it to the lake bed, I had no idea that dirt could feel like glass, smooth as butter. Even with the silky smooth desert ground there is something unsettling about hitting high speeds at night.

We continued to spend the rest of the weekend enjoying the open land and observing the other machines people bring out to enjoy the dirt with. 

The rest I will leave up to the photos to tell a better story than I could possibly articulate.  

Thank you
Matt, Kieth, Tony, Nate, Ari, Dreylon, Christian, Todd, and Shane.