Roosevelt Lake

Roosevelt lake for Presidents Day

On February 19th, Presidents Day 2018 Maria, Winston, Austin, and I drove up to the top of Four Peaks Mountain in Arizona. We started on the west side of the mountain and drove 27 miles on a dirt road to the top,  putting a beating on my 20 year old truck, and taking about 3 hours. This is an awesome trail that really shows the diversity of Arizona. Starting at the bottom is the dry desert filled with cacti, as you ascend it transitions into high desert with trees and large bushes, and eventually as you reach the summit there are pine trees strangely hanging out at the top.
As we descended (the much easier and shorter 10 mile trail) to the bottom on the east side towards Roosevelt lake, a storm broke out over the lake. We hung around Roosevelt Lake for a little bit, shooting the bridge and dam, and eventually made our way back to Phoenix through the superstitions.